Industry Report: Hikma Substances Set-to Be The Archetypal Jordanian Company To Hitch Ftse 100

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Its shares brushed an all-time off-peak of 25 early in January and wer Read the full article Related Articles Subscribe to our email newsletter. Subscribe The selection of news and views on are determined automatically by a computer program. Displayed time or date refers to the time when the news ware submitted or refreshed in Therefore has no responsibility for the veracity of the information. All news, information, stories, images, trademarks and logos shown on belong to their respective owners.

Global markets tumble after poor Caterpillar results and economic data | Business | The Guardian

Investors had been betting that the US was on the growth track, making up for slowdowns elsewhere, particularly in China and the eurozone. But disappointing results from a range of American household names have seen some of that optimism dissipate. Ahead of the US Federal Reserves latest meeting - which may well now be less hawkish about interest rate rises than had previously been thought - Microsoft, Pfizer, Procter and Gamble and Caterpillar all fell short of expectations. On top of that orders for durable goods - long lasting products such as equipment, cars and white goods - fell for a fourth straight month. Non-defence capital goods orders - excluding aircraft - fell 0.6% in December, compared to expectations of a 0.5% rise, indicating that slowing global growth and falling oil prices were having an effect on business investment. Total new orders fell 3.4% from a 2.1% decline in November.

London FTSE slides on renewed Greece fears - Yahoo News

Dicha tendencia se contagiaba en Mexico ya que el Indice de Precios y Cotizaciones de la Bolsa Mexicana de Valores retrocedia -0.91% a 42,349 puntos aproximadamente. En el caso europeo, las plazas bursatiles mostraban la misma tendencia destacando que la bolsa griega era quien caia cerca del 4.00% (Cac40: -0.41%, Dax -1.77%, Ftse: -0.79% e Ibex -1.04%). En el mercado cambiario las divisas principales aprovechaban la perdida de valor del dolar americano para apreciarse ya que el peso mexicano se ubicaba en 14.56 pesos por dolar, el euro en 1.14 dolares por euro, la libra en 1.52 dolares por libra y el yen en 117.61 yenes por dolar. Finalmente, los bonos gubernamentales de Mexico asi como los de Estados Unidos presentaban importantes disminuciones tanto en la curva del corto como del largo plazo, debido a una fuerte demanda de activos libres de riesgo. Suscribase a nuestra lista de correos... y reciba Pulso Informativo todos los dias ETIQUETAS

Principales Bolsas de Valores caen | Pulso Informativo

The benchmark FTSE 100 edged down 40.79 points, or 0.6 percent, to end the day at 6,811.61 points. Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras spooked the financial markets by naming outspoken economist Yanis Varoufakis as his finance minister in a clear signal his anti-austerity cabinet will take a hard line in renegotiating its 240-billion-euro EU-IMF bailout. "Syriza is already delivering on some of its promises by streamlining the Greek government to a 10-minister cabinet," said analyst Connor Campbell of Spreadex trading firm. "Provocative finance and foreign minister appointments showed that, for now, Syriza is not going to back down from the radical reforms the party want to see in Greece, even if this sets them on a collision course with the ECB (European Central Bank), the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the European Commission," he said. Britain's economy see here grew by 2.6 percent -- the best annual figure since 2007 -- but slowed considerably in official site the fourth quarter of 2014 to 0.5 percent. "The slowdown in Europe is starting to take hold in the UK as inflation and now growth falls back thanks to the strong trade ties between the two," said Jasper Lawler, a market analyst at CMC Markets. On the trading floors, energy firm Centrica was the star performer as its share price heated up 4.16 percent to 282.70 pence following a broker upgrade.