Guy Grass Lmao

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Have you ever undergone/satisfied /tv/ celebrities IRL?? (Me on far left, plz no bully) they certainly were actually pleasant and talkative...really hilarious! Shes so sweet!!

RLM general

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>RLM line receiving removed

49811798 RLM is just a FLICK production company that furthermore makes Television-like EXHIBITS for your internet. Lets talk about the most popular PERIODS, DISPLAYS or VIDEOS they have produced.

Have you ever experienced/fulfilled /television/ famous people IRL??

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Anonymous 10/21/14(Tue)19:31:39 No. 49811742 >RLM bond getting erased Hi, its nothing beats discussing Dr. Horribles Sing-a-long website or having a debate on Roger Ebert, right?

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The first is a tentpole masterpiece with a distinctively gifted representative. The movie that is third and second have minor nifty items dispersed only, although about for the biggest of enthusiasts.

the audio chosen for this flick is indeed fucking awful

Nameless 10/21/14(Tue)19:26:37 No.

Hey /tv/ I recently accomplished Starship Troopers and experienced it somewhat,...

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