Fishing Offshore 12/27

Mon 29 December 2014 | -- (permalink)

Was the flattest evening I've ever noticed in the sea. Might've had a jon boat out-there.

Fishing Survey Eastern Shore Eeling 12-27

To preserve it brief we did a similar thing throughout the day. Migrated around shallow, outside, inside and strong working scattered bait and some marks in some places. Overdue while in the day-we moved south and lay out to the west-side of the deep water near to 36. Same scattered bait and dropped one-not not even close to this area several journeys previously and scars but we had found one. We got a taster that dunked a bobber was not hungry enough because the inward present petered out.

Fishing Report No breeze, the skiff and a peachy day

Left your house at 10:00 am - no genuine hurry since it is all D/R angling and figured it'd be milder the more the day used on. Anything was planning as designed as I trailered I down -97 till I got nearby the Rt.

Fishing Survey 12/27 - Sandy Stage LTJ t photos

After last months perch jerking. Dad was not cold to acquire back to the water. But his friend informed him of the place in Baltimore co that was just not as bad. I used to be skeptical. Turns out I had fished within the past and had did properly.