First-person Superheroics Rainfall

Mon 02 March 2015 | -- (permalink)

Megaton Rain [ formal site ] can be a quite encouraging-searching indie name. Oh my, does it seem promising. I am hoping it gives on its promise, I truly do. This is why: you perform as a superhero, hurtling& nbsp;at high speed around massive towns full of skyscrapers and tiny people, defeating the aliens that are trying to damage every human structure in sight.

Barbara-Ian! A 1HP Motion Dungeoneering Encounter

Add in several ‘Steam VR Foundation Stations’ and you get to walk-around, using the setup monitoring where you are. I.e. The theory is that you're able to really walkaround an earth that is pretend. And out by this Christmas. Great lord.

Confessions Of A Save Scummer

BarbaraIan! What is best in existence? Break your adversaries. Notice them pushed toward you. Hear the player's lamentation. There are some puns that not really I will go near.

So Valve’s Virtual Reality Thinger Got Announced…

Do you want to save the game before you load another game?