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Picture Tips Unknown 01/22/15(Thu)21:56:45 No. 52740340 I do want to make a video a couple of gentleman who was blackmailed into intercourse by his 5-year old grandchild and nobody feels him. >>

Kevin Jones gets LOTS OF shit on here

Kevin Smith gets A LOT of shit on here. But I have to tell you men: The end of Dogma fucking kicks ass. >that Loki demise >that Bartleby splattering Primary Carlin >that Jay fucking up as-usual >that Alanis Morrissette as God Anyone agree with me?


Post-Drivecore Confidential 01/22/15(Thu)21:55:55 No. 52740330 >Dark Neo-Noir experiences of activity, crisis and/or terror supported with stylistic synth music and vibrant, graphic colors to produce the terror onscreen. Popularized from the video Drive, aimed by Winding -Refn. Why is Post-Drivecore the very best style of the century? >>

Was he autistic?

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Reminder she was going to be Dark Widow as opposed to Scarlett...

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