Brent Rally Might Extend As Speculators Up Extended Bets Etf Styles

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The question on everyones mind, however, is whether Russian President Vladimir Putin will honor the terms of the ceasefire, which starts Sunday. Theres no doubt that things can turn around quickly if Putin violates the deal. RSX, which is the biggest in the segment , with $1.6 billion in assets, and which tracks a market-cap-weighted index of Russian companies, is up 23 percent year-to-date. Competing ERUS and RBL are up 19 and 21 percent, respectively, as the chart below shows. In a recent panel discussion at ETF.coms Inside ETFs conference , Dennis Gartman and Mark Yusko both argued the case blog url for value opportunities lurking in Russia stocks, thanks largely to the ongoing difficulties the ruble has been facing. In a broader sense, Gartman argued that regardless of what Putin is or isnt doing for the economy, there are several vibrant businesses in Russia that are doing quite well. Yes, Putins behavior undercuts long-term growth potential in Russia, at least for the time being, but value opportunities abound, Gartman says, and these opportunities are easily tapped into through ETFs.

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The other side of the equation for Brent and BNO in the near-term is that Brents recent rise has been fueled more by traders trimming short positions than initiating fresh bullish bets. After months of selling, bearish traders may have gotten complacent, betting on further declines in the oil market as a given. Consequently, any sudden change in the supply side could trigger quick rebounds, especially if there is a short squeeze. [ Short Covering Lifts Oil ETFs ] This month, BNO has added nearly $13 million in new assets. BNOs year-to-date inflows figure is closer to $53 million. Rebounding Brent prices are also helping other once moribund ETFs. For example, the Market Vectors Russia ETF (NYSEArca: RSX ), the largest Russia ETF, joined BNO as one of 2014s worst ETFs, but with this years Brent rally, RSX has surged 23.4%. That is enough to make RSX the best non-leveraged ETF to this point in 2015. [ Bullish on Russia ETFs ] RSX bulls need to monitor BNO and Brent futures because Russia prices its vast oil production in Brent terms.

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Treasury futures contracts (read: Interest Rate Speculation: A Boon for TAPR ETF ). If the price of each Treasury futures contract increases or decreases by 1% of its face value, the value of index would decrease or increase by 5% over the same period. The more? info… fund charges 43 bps in annual fees and trades in light volume visit homepage of under 5,000 shares per day on average, ensuring additional cost in the form of a wide bid/ask spread. The fund has added about 16.6% in the last five trading sessions. US Treasury 5-year Bear ETN ( DFVS ) The fund looks to track inverse movements in the yields from buying 5-year U.S. T-Notes. To do this, its underlying index tracks the returns of an investment in a weighted "short" position in relation to 5-year Treasury contracts. This $4.8 million ETF was up about 8.9% in the last five trading sessions.